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19 June 2010


friendship,what does it really means to you? for me, it's not just a typical bond between one and another . but it is more than that. i mean , friends are the one who give us their shoulders to cry on , who lend their ears to listen to our problems , who lighten up our days , who are always there through ups and downs , who accompany us when we're alone , who become the shelter when it's raining in our heart ,<3 who try their best to put us at eas , who become the rainbow just to make us smile , but , to have such friendship , it do requires loyalty , trust , care and etc . but wat it pays us back is worth it . what i would like to say to all of you out there is, tq for being among the friends for me . tq for syafiqah , erma , haliza , munirah , ayu , hariz , qim and everyone who's being my friends i really appreciated it ;)