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31 May 2010

How Do You Sleep???

It's been about a year now
Ain't seen or heard from you
I been missing you crazy
How do you, how do you sleep
I found the letter you wrote me
It still smells just like you
Damn those sweet memories
How do you, how do you sleep
Tried my best at movin' on
Have yet to find a boy like you
See things now I didn't before
Now wishing I had more time with you,
How do you stay awake knowing all I do is think of you
All the things we fought about that never will happen again
If I could just see you
If I had my way I'd come and get ya boy
In your favorite car with the missing top
Remember 'round my way where we used to park
And did all those things to steal your heart
Baby, all that I hear from my friends again, again, and again
We saw your boy at the game and damn we gotta say a big mistake by you
Not only does your body bang
But I miss the conversation too
Tell me that you're getting no sleep, can't think, can't eat, until I come see you

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